Dress Up to Get Down

Read about our night club dress code in Lubbock, TX

Are you ready to have a great night at a high-end night club in Lubbock, Texas? If you're dressed in your old sweatshirt and grubby tennis shoes, you might need a few more minutes. At Fuego Club and Lounge, we pride ourselves on maintaining an upscale atmosphere. While we welcome any and all guests to our martini bar and night club, we ask that you leave your more casual clothes at home.

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Bring your dancing shoes, not your tennis shoes

When it comes to attending an upscale nightclub, you want to dress to impress. Whether you’re celebrating your birthday with martinis or attending one of our Latin dance classes, we ask that you follow our dress code. We don’t allow:

Tennis shoes
Flip flops

Not sure if your outfit will fly? Ask us now by calling 214-212-5982.